Botox Is Now Available at the Dentist!


Gentle Botox

What is GENTLE Botox?

Botox is a medical injection utilizing botulinum toxin, designed to block nerves, improve wrinkles and reduce volume. It weakens motor nerve and muscle strength, making it not only effective for cosmetic purposes but also helpful for improving wrinkles, treating square jaw caused by muscle hypertrophy and alleviating temporomandibular joint-related pain (related to the masticatory muscle)

Did you know that Botox can now be used for therapeutic purposes in dentistry?

Botox Treatment Area

Effects of Botox Treatment

bruxism correction

Temporomandibular joint  improvement

square jaw improvement

wrinkle improvement

asymmetry correction


Precautions After Botox

01. Please refrain from using saunas and steam rooms for about a week

02. Please refrain from drinking and smoking following the procedure

03. Avoid pressing, massaging, or receiving meridian massages on the treated area

04. Avoid chewing hard food following Botox

05. It is recommended not to exercise excessively following Botox

Teeth Whitening Treatment

When do I need GENTLE Teeth Whitening?

  • If your teeth are stained by coffee, wine, smoking, etc.
  • If your teeth are congenitally yellow
  • If you want to have a bright and radiant smile
  • If you are self-conscious about yellowed teeth