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What is GENTLE
Minimal Shaving Veneers?

Minimal shaving laminate veneers are a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your smile while prioritizing the health and integrity of your natural teeth.
Laminate veneers are thin shells crafted from porcelain or composite material, expertly fitted over the front surface of your teeth. They are a highly sought-after cosmetic solution, offering a transformative approach to correcting a wide range of dental imperfections:

When Do I Need GENTLE Veneers?

If there is a gap
between your front teeth

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Minimal Preparation Ultra Thin Veneers

When do I need GENTLE Veneers?

  • If you have cracked or gaping teeth
  • If there is a gap between your front teeth
  • If you want to maintain bright teeth without whitening
  • If the teeth are not aligned
  • If your teeth are discolored or damaged

Advantages of GENTLE Veneers

A harmonious design to suits your facial structure

Natural tooth color and shape similar to real teeth

Removal of discoloration or darkening of the gum border

1:1 customized design, enabling transparent and straight teeth

Tooth preservation with minimal cutting

A simple procedure with little to no pain

GENTLE Cosmetic Care Procedures

GENTLE Cosmetic Care Procedures


Precautions After Veneers

01. Foods that are too cold or too hot should be avoided.

02. Using a mouthwash that contains alcohol will prevent the adhesive from setting.

03. Avoid irritating foods, unnaturally-colored foods, and hard and sticky foods.

04. Reduce habits such as teeth grinding or tooth clenching as they can cause fractures.

05. Tooth decay and gum disease cause side effects in aesthetic treatments so it is vital to maintain good oral hygiene and regular checkups after aesthetic treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

When do I need GENTLE Teeth Whitening?

  • If your teeth are stained by coffee, wine, smoking, etc.
  • If your teeth are congenitally yellow
  • If you want to have a bright and radiant smile
  • If you are self-conscious about yellowed teeth