Show Off Your Beautiful Smile with Clear Aligners

GENTLE Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner

Natural and Invisible GENTLE Clear Aligners

A method that corrects teeth alignment using a wire-and-bracket-free transparent device. This appliance, made of thin and clear plastic material, is designed to be easily attached and detached.

Show off your teeth at every moment – invisible yet confident!

Who needs GENTLE Clear Aligners?

  • Those who want quick orthodontic treatment
  • Those who are concerned about pain during orthodontic treatment
  • Those who find it difficult to visit the hospital regularly due to lack of time
  • Those who work in jobs where pronunciation is important
  • A person who works in a service profession that involves frequent interaction with the public.

What other advantages do clear braces have?

Comfortable use
Easy to attach and detach
Convenient oral hygiene management
Facilitates swift tooth alignment, reducing orthodontic treatment periods.

Comparison with traditional calibration

Clear Aligner


Traditional Wire/Bracket Straightening


non-fixed (detachable)

mounting method

fixed with dental adhesive




invisible and discreet aesthetic


poor aesthetics due to metal devices

normal toothbrush use possible

oral care

difficulty in oral care and toothbrush use

clean after eating


dirty after eating

Clear Aligner

Traditional Wire Metal Straightening


fixed to teeth

Non-fixed (detachable)

Fixed (non-detachable)

Excellent aesthetics as no braces are visible

Very poor aesthetics due to metal devices

Detachable and normal toothbrush use possible

Some difficulty in oral care

Clean after eating

Not clean after eating

GENTLE Clear Orthodontic Process

Teeth Whitening Treatment

When do I need GENTLE Teeth Whitening?

  • If your teeth are stained by coffee, wine, smoking, etc.
  • If your teeth are congenitally yellow
  • If you want to have a bright and radiant smile
  • If you are self-conscious about yellowed teeth