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GENTLE Tooth Decay Treatment

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GENTLE Tooth Decay Treatment

Unlike other parts of our body, teeth do not heal or regenerate. As tooth decay worsens, the scope of treatment expands, potentially causing a negative effect on surrounding teeth and gums. It is recommended to have a checkup before the pain and treatment costs escalate further.

Gentle Dental Gangnam Clinic offers honest, straightforward treatment, with various methods tailored to each patient’s condition according to the degree of tooth decay.



Why do you need tooth decay treatment?
  • Bad breath due to tooth decay
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Facial asymmetry and temporomandibular joint irregularities, including the favoring of one side when chewing due to pain.

Doctor’s Guide

If tooth decay is ignored and symptoms worsen, it can damage the internal pulp tissue, resulting in severe toothache. When dental pulp tissue is damaged and inflammation sets in, teeth can’t heal naturally. Caries treatment is essential in such situations.

Dental Caries Treatment Progression

Tooth Decay
Early-stage caries that is only on the tooth surface (enamel)

Mid-stage caries that has reached the inside of the tooth (dentin)
Late-stage caries
with inflammation extending to the dental nerve (pulp)
Caries throughout the nerve tissue and inflammation
up to the root of the tooth
SymptomAlmost no pain /
difficult to see with the naked eye
Pain when eating / can see with the naked eyeOccurrence of pain that makes daily life difficult
/ A condition in which not only the hard tissue of the tooth
but also the pulp
is inflamed
A condition in which the gums are severely swollen and
must be considered for tooth extraction
Treatment methodResin
filling treatment
Inlay /
onlay prosthetic treatment

Prosthetic treatment such as nerve treatment and crown
Root canal treatment or
implant treatment after tooth extraction

accurate diagnosis / same-day treatment / fast cure

Dental Caries Treatment Stages

Stage 1

Resin in the early stage of tooth decay

The dental materials we use closely match the natural tooth color resulting in a superior result. Our resins bond well with the original tooth, and require less tooth removal compared to other cavity treatments.

Stage 2

Caries intermediate stage inlays/onlays

A precise procedure that involves removing cavities with an inlay, and then filling the removed area when the cavity is deep or wide, but does not necessitate nerve treatment.

Stage 3

Crowns in late stage caries

After treatment for a severe tooth fracture or a completed root canal, we cover the tooth with a crown to protect and prolong its lifespan.